Ministry Opportunity:

Assistant to the Director of Deaf Institute

Location: Cincinnati, OH               

Salary Range:  $20-35K/year

     The Deaf Institute is a Christian mission with the Deaf which serves in a broad range of deaf ministry semi-nationally, with special emphasis on the OH/KY/IN area.  We are praying and seeking God’s direction in choosing the right man for this position, which is to be an understudy of the Director and requires preaching, teaching, counseling, and administrative skills, among other talents for His work.  If all goes well, he will later assume the full responsibilities and duties of the Director.  For more information, contact us at:


Must believe the Bible to be God’s Word, and obey it

Must be a committed Christian and an active member of the  Churches of Christ/Christian Churches (aka, Restoration Movement)

Must be able to work independently and be a positive self-starter

Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred

U.S. citizenship preferred